Wednesday, December 1, 2010

YOUR PERSPECTIVE:Modern Churches & Your Observations, What Is Your Ideal Church?

This is just an image used for this publication. It does not mean anything more than as stated
This is just an image used for this publication. It does not mean anything more than as stated

My best friend relocated to a new neighbourhood and she is finding it difficult to accept the practices of the various churches near her current residence. She cannot therefore find a place to fellowship.
I was perplexed when she said to me,” I cannot find a church out here and I have even been using Google to help me in my search”.

I have been to her new place several times and knowing that there was a church few minutes away from her house, I wondered what she was talking about.

After further clarification, I realize she is just finding it difficult to find a church that she thinks is ideal for her “Christian tenets and faith”.

Upon asking “what is wrong with that church near your house”, she quickly said, I went there sometimes and all they did was collect money from us. “Can you believe we gave out offering 5 times in one service? I will certainly be broke if I go there again. They are running that church like some business”.

For the other churches, it is either the pastor is too arrogant, sounds crafty or the congregation is full of “gossipers''

I have personally attended a church for a prayer meeting where the Apostle/Prophet held my forehead and tried extensively to push me down. (There seems to be so many Prophets around of late).

I didn’t want to be called a “witch” so guess what I did, I pegged my legs firmed to the ground and twisted my neck till he realized I am not going to fall for his push.

I sincerely believe there are some genuine churches and pastors out there but to be frank, the corrupted and cunning ones seem to be spreading rapidly.

My friend is still in search of a church which she can confidently fellowship with. I have also had quite a few ordeals with some churches and have heard a lot about churches/pastors from my friends and family.
The above experiences and stories bring me to my questions for this week.
  • What is your ideal church?
  • Are you happy with your place of worship in relations to their general practises?
  • Has any experience chased you away from attending a church or have you ever left your church for some reason.
  • What is the most unfortunate story you have heard of a Church/Apostle/Pastor (no names please).


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Sugabelly said...

And this is precisely the reason why I don't go to Church. I think Churches (especially Nigerian ones) have become more about money than about the worship of any god or even about community among members of the same faith. I feel like I get more praying alone at home than screaming and shouting hypocritically at church.

Also, if you don't go to church, you can rest assured that you're not funding the pastor's next private jet or his girlfriend's next shopping spree in Dubai (or in the case of Helen Akpabio - child abuse)


Sugabelly 2.0