Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yvonne Nelson banned from acting for One year.

Sexy Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has been banned from acting in any Ghanaian or Nigerian-produced movie for a year.

The Ghallywood actress who is perceived to be arrogant has given movie producers, distributors, and marketers no choice than to use her as a scape goat to initiate their attempt to bring some sanity and respect in the movie industry. 
 Investigations into the matter reveals that Yvonne’s ban is based on accumulation of several alleged incidents of her disrespectful and rude attitude towards fellow actresses, producers and crew members on location and even when off-camera.The ban, which took effect from October 2010, ends on October 2011. 

Meanwhile, word has also been sent to Film Producers in Nigeria not to starr Yvonne in any of their productions if they want to market their movies in Ghana since any Nigerian movie that starrs the Ghanaian actress will not be allowed to be marketed in the country


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