Saturday, November 27, 2010

Santiago Meets: Victor Kwen Akomaye

Nigerian model and top contestant in the just ended Mr Nigeria World 2010, Victor Kwen Akomaye is passionate about fashion and style, and he sees himself rocking international runways from Paris to New York in the near future.  The Cross River State model, who has been modeling for three years, describes his style as simply classic.

'Santiago Meets' is another new addition to your fave blog.
A fun star/personality interview with young people who are doing exploits. Youths who have refused to let their dream die despite the challenges, despite the set backs and the unfriendly economy.

In the first of many more to come, our opener is the very sweet, suave and smart next kid on the block:
Victor Kwen Akomaye.

He shares more of his style with us.

Enjoy the 'meet'

What’s the most expensive fashion item you ever bought?
My most expensive fashion item ever bought is my Paul Smith shoes.

Have you ever made smart purchases of ‘cheap’ item that people see and think it is very expensive?
Yeah I used to have a pair of Adidas I bought at a cheap price but my friends thought it was very expensive, and I never told them the price. I told them it was worth twice the price I bought it.

Did you ever buy an item that you took home to find out you didn’t like?
Yeah, I bought a fake phone made in China and I had to return it.

What would you not be caught dead wearing?
I won’t be caught wearing an oversized jeans trouser.

Favourite fashion designers
Gucci is my favourite.

Suits or African wear?
It depends on the occasion, but I love my African outfit

Boxer shorts or briefs?
I prefer briefs; it’s more comfortable inside, keeps your … in perfect position when angry.

Cufflinks or button?
 I prefer buttons; sometimes cufflinks can be annoying.

Tie or no tie?
I love my tie, it makes me look smart.

Leather or metallic watch?
Metallic Rolex, that’s my favourite.

Favourite brand of watch?
My favourite brand of watch is Police

Shoes or sandals?
I prefer a shoe but sandals once in a while.

Favourite shoes
Favourite shoe is Paul Smith

Nike, Puma or Adidas?
Between the three i prefer Adidas, always my favourite.

Spray deodorant or roll-on?
My spray is BOD, smells nice.

Shaving machine or shaving stick?
I prefer a shaving stick, that’s what I use.

Beer or vodka?
Vodka is fine, but I am not an alcohol type though.

Skinny jeans or baggy jeans?
I love my skinny jeans but not too skinny.

Tucked in or sagging?
Sagging but not always, there is time for everything.

Cocoa Butter or Vaseline
I love cocoa butter that’s what I am using.

African beads or chain?
Beads go with traditional and chains are for casuals and other stuff.

Favourite colour of clothing
I love my brown colour.

Favourite perfume
MY perfume is Adidas classic.

Favourite pair of sunglasses/ colour
police glasses is fine for me and a brown type.

Favourite place to shop
The Palms, Lagos

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