Sunday, November 29, 2009

SHEI FUNMI-EXAMP-exemplifying the Nigerian Heritage

Oluwaseyifunmi Abdulfatai Yusuf, born January 30, 1992, living in Houston Texas, United States;  better known as Shei Funmi, is a Nigerian American blogger and a media personality both television and radio. Shei's blog (formerly is best known for covering gossip posts on celebrities, actors, musicians and other famous faces. He is also known for featuring upcoming artistes from different parts of the world, interviewing celebrities and updates on recent music, movies and other showbiz events.

The highly acclaimed Creative Personality, originally of the Nigerian heritage has been impressing Nigerian, British and American people with his works. Shei attempted a career as an actor in high school, before his blogging career, he started off as a radio host on Babcock University FM, hosting Nigerian Universities radio show (RED ALERT), while he was doing his internet show "SHEI FUNMI SHOW" on youtube with over a thousand subscribers. Majoring in English and Creative Arts in Babcock University till he moved to the States to major in Media Arts, His blogging career started off as a gossip for Babcock University activities not excluding other Universities and the Media.

Shei's perspective on celebrity gossip includes an unapologetic desire to mingle with and be a part of celebrity culture. He features celebrities, awards shows, events he has attended and done research on. Shei's propinquity to the celebrities about whom he writes about has led to justness coverage on his blog. 

Shei has been known to speak out publicly against the discriminatory behavior of celebrities and other public figures and even normal people. He recently featured on a youtube star video speaking on homophobic acts and killings stating how the Church condemn people instead of embracing them and working them through to light.

- Shei Funmi is the editor/writer for NaijaLife Magazine (
- He is currently working on his internet show "SHEI FUNMI SHOW" focusing on people, normal day activities and entetainment.

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