Sunday, November 29, 2009


Malik Alomaja 

Obaro Ibru is quite one of the handsome guys Nigeria has produced in this generation. The suave and highly respected Island personality is a ladies man anytime anyday anywhere.

The suave and highly respected Island personality with a beautiful look, affluence and wealth is a ladies man anytime anyday anywhere. Though, not fazed by the glamour and flamboyance that comes with his status as heir apparent to the Ibru’s dynasty, the rich dude, Obaro was alleged to have thrown a drug & gay party in South Africa few day's ago

The soiree which was held at the pent House of Melrose Arch Hotel, Johannesburg in South Africa had the venue filled up to the brim and was gated for 100 thousand Rands.

(koko is the man in the midle with tinted hair)

Stepping into the party with the banker/ top industrialist’s son, Obaro, was Koyo, a notorious but renowned gay in South Africa and a member of the first openly gay music group and entertainer's in South Africa called '3SUM'.

New's has it that Koyo has been warming the heart of the rich dude for ages to the extent that Obaro has nearly neglected the sweet relationship between him and his beautiful wife, Hirut from one of the famous families in Ethiopia.

As you’re reading this, Koyo and his ‘partner’ may have headed for London where they hope to continue with their affair. I have some blurred images from the gig but am still searching out for better one', keep up here with pics from that event...hmnnnnnnnn....soon as possible.

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