Friday, October 30, 2009

Style ME Season III - Episodes 1 & 2 Update

Hey peeps, am most definatley cetain you guys have been having a swell time here with the pics from STYLE NIGHT ...Well, there are still over 600 pictures to still comne, yeah!

you guys are yet to see the blast of how it all went down...the fab designer's who a;; wow'd us with collections that will simply blow the minds of y'all.

More pics will come up soon...


I did promise to update you guys with all the information and tit-bits from Season 3 of the StyleME Show.
Here is an update from Episode 2 - The first makeover episode of the season.

This week's style subject is 39 year old Lizzy Enahoro.
Lizzy's life revolves around her family. She is happily married and is a mother with 3 children.
You can call Lizzy a 'professional homemaker'. Since she got married, she has been a stay-at-home mum, tending to the needs of her husband ad children.

Now Lizzy is ready for some new challenges. She is starting a new business and will like a makeover to help her tranistion from 'mum-ager' to manager!...***winking...
Isioma and Zainab help her do just that!


                                      Lizzy: Before & After

                   Lizzy (middle) with hosts Zainab and Isioma

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