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Style Me is a Nigerian style makeover show produced by The Cinder Company and presented by Isioma Onochie Aihie and a resident Style expert. After an exciting search, the resident Style Expert/Style Me co-host for Season 3 is Zainab Ashadu, an ex-model who has transitioned to a career in styling/image consulting.
Every episode of Style Me features a style confrontation and makeover of a woman, and sometimes a man who has been nominated either by themselves or friends and relatives for a style enhancement or overhaul!

The show is shot over 2 -3 days in the style subjects’ life. The style subject has their current style sense evaluated by the presenters, who pay particular attention to the style subjects’ size, shape and lifestyle. They are encouraged to discard old styles and life habits and are given rules and tips on what style will work for them as well as their daily lives.

The style subject is then given 100,000 Naira to shop for a new wardrobe, which is supposed to be in accordance with the rules and tips they have been given. To ensure that they do not stray, the style subjects are chaperoned by a style assistant whose duty it is to offer guidance.
Style subjects are taken to hair, skin and make up specialists to be given a thorough makeover and expert advice. They are revealed at the end of the show in their new “looks” and hopefully, boosted confidence levels!

The presenters...

Zainab Ashadu is the co-host/resident stylist for Season 3. Following the footsteps of previous Style Me co-hosts Buki dela Zaria (Season 1) and Ifeoma Williams (Season 2), Zainab will work with the style subjects to overhaul their looks and unveil a more confident and stylish version of themselves after each makeover.

Isioma Onochie Aihie has been a closet fashion designer for over 20 years creating outfits for herself, family and close friends. An eclectic individual, Isioma cut her teeth in the highly elite information technology arena abroad where she spent eleven years. On her return, Isioma founded Funtopia, Nigeria’s foremost family entertainment centre. Through the years, Isioma has closely followed trends in fashion and style and currently serves as the Editor of Juice magazine, a magazine for the fashion conscious and upwardly mobile young lady. Her passion for production led her to set up The Cinder Company, a production, animation and design company based in Lagos.


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