Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hey folks...I can't believe am still wide awake as at 2:00am...blogging!
Na wa o! Na God go help us...all in a bid to make sure you folks don't have to read the same old stuff or see the same old pics...Linda has been on my case...she can't understand why you peeps don't drop comments after going through all the posts that daily gets to, now am going to ask you guys....please, please and please, always ensure you leave comments on each post/story you read...lets know what you think...its helps in ensuring that we get better and bring you more better stuffs...ok?

Well, for those of you peeps, who could not make it for the All White & Ankara Festival, here are some pictures from the event and if you were opportuned to be there, still it's all fun to see yourself and how you rocked right?....(thats if you actually believe you did rock!...;))

Enjoy the pics

Pictures: Thanks to Dayo Adeneye

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These pics are coooooooool!
Frm Jude.