Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oprah picks Uwem Akpan’s “Say you one of them” as her 63rd book club selection

I have said it over and over again that though i might not have a full Nigerian blood running through my veins, i am more Nigerian than some Nigerian's who claim to be Nigerian, or even carry the green small book(passport). of 25% Ghanaian, 25% Nigerian and 50% bahamian but over time...i have demonstrated the true Nigerian spirit againa nd again thats why when i see, hear or even feel Nigerian's who makes the nation pride, i makde it a point of duty to herald such feats.

History has been made as the number one most influential women, Ms Oprah Winfrey selected “Say you one of them” by Nigerian native Awem Akpan’s as her 63rd book to make it into her book club collection.

You probably wondering where is the history making in that right? am gonna tell you...ever since Oprah started her book club collection, she has never selected a collection of short stories before which is what “Say you one of them” is all about.
A collection of five stories set in different parts of Africa including Nigeria and Rwanda, which tells a tale about the journey’s of African children ’s hardship and the bitter sweet occurrences of having to grow up in Africa.
“Say you one of them “, selection to the Oprah book club has been positive because ever since Oprah made the announcement the sales on the book have more than tripled and in major book stores and all across America the book has become sold out.

This goes to show that African artistry has its profound place and African writer’s are reaping they recognition.

And for me, it could not have been much sweeter knowing that the author is PROUDLY NIGERIAN!
Yeah...i say it with every sense of pride!

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