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Well, said i was going to give myself some treat when it comes in so, since am sooo nice i dont want you folks to miss out on the excitement, i decided to specially invite ou read this special stories i diged out...Ok, wait a minute..were you thinking i was talking about the treat? to think of it, its a treat being here right?

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Today in Lagos,Nigeria, star actress and newly endorsed GLO ambassador,Monalisa Chinda dragged her estranged husband,Segun Dejo-Richard to the Anthony police station.Dejo who has been telling all who cares to listen that he would do anything to settle whatever rift he has with his wife amicably, was jolted with shock.

Monalisa had gone to make formal report at the police station. She wanted to get her Nissan 2008 car from the house. She bought the car shortly after she was paid some money by Globacom, a leading telecom company in Nigeria. She was accompanied to the station by some family members.

No one in their wildest imagination would believe that all these would be happening so soon for actress, Monalisa Chinda and her Husband Segun Dejo Richard. Those who are close to them would tell you that they have been best of friends.

In several interviews published in the media, the actress affirmed that nothing in this world could make her trade her husband for anything. She said if she returns to this world, she would come back and marry Segun again.

We reported some days back that she has already slammed her husband with a divource notice.She wrote him through her lawyer,Mr.Festus Keyamo.

While discussing with some colleagues at Night Shift Coliseum, Lagos, this afternoon, many of them expressed rude shock because theirs was like a role model celebrity marriage. Many people wanted to be like them.

A mutual friend of the family disclosed that agreed things are not really moving on too well with Segun and his purse his lean at the moment but is it enough reasons for Monalisa to leave her husband?Afterall, when he was rolling in money, he did not abadon Monalisa so why is she doing all this?

Another question here is that Monalisa could have joined the league of go-go actresses who believe so much in just enjoying life without looking back or thinking of the future."Monalisa is close to two Vivian Ejike and Emem Isong who are single mothers.I think all she wanted to do is to be free like them" said another person.

I was shocked today when i saw someone weeping over a failed marriage in the movie industry. A female journalist who got so emotional about the whole thing started shedding tears.From what we gathered today, Segun is doing all to get his wife back. He thinks she has been listening to negative counsel.Now that sh has been made a super millionaire by glo endorsement deal, she decided to pull out of the wedding. gathered that Mr.Kool, a musician and brother-in-law, once slapped Monalisa over an argument.As if that was not enough, Monalisa's younger sister also slapped Segun on the day they were doing their baby's naming christening last year. Isn't that sad enough!

At this point, many people are sceptical over whether or not Glo would not suspend her contract with them because of the negative publicity.In case you don't know, Mercy Johnson allegedly lost the glo contract because of scandal.One reason she would never forgive Halima!!!


Thanks to Niyi Tabiti

Lancelot Imasuen's New Passion
He began with Ehi Buckor in the movie, Ebuwa, where the then wannabe played the lead role in his language-based movie, premiered in over 20 cities across the globe, and has promoted immensely the Edo Language. Next, he unleashed British based Beverley Naya in Home In Exile, a movie that should premier in over 20 cities before the end of the year. According to feelers, Lancelot Imasuen is not done.

The top movie director, who jetted out of the country to the U.S. mid last week, has begun work on his next project, a platform for discovering fresh talent.

Watch out for his new comedy/movie, Firedefia (Philedelphia), which would project two new faces, Amanda Amaeze Olutu, an undergraduate from Ambrose Ali University and Davies Dawson Osagie.

According to Imasuen, who has been instrumental in the making of a dozen Nollywood stars, "It is in line with my mission of discovering new faces for the industry. Now is the time to go back to the basics and give Nigerians new stars."

Less than a month after the sudden death of a Nigerian actress,Remi Abiola in the United States of America, the industry is already plagued with yet another devastating death. This time,it involved Omoladun kenkelewu, an actress and wife of popular actor,Babatunde Omidina (Baba Suwe).

Omoladun died in her sleep between 31 August 2009 and 1 September 2009.

At the moment of putting up this report, Islamic clerics are still praying forthe repose of the remains of the talented actress.Moladun, would be remembered for her active role in the yoruba movie industry.

Movie lovers would also remember her for her comic roles. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Thanks to Niyi Tabiti.

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