Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hey peeps...Just woke up from a long sleep...Had such am amazing time last nigth with some couple of new friends i just met...mehnnn the fun was undeniably just fun!(oyinbooo!)...

K'Place, your number 1 upward and mobile youth hangout hosted the Shayo Master (begiano) to an all exclusive birthday party are wondering why you did'nt here right? Well, cos it was for just some few friends..though as usual, you had turned up the wanna be's, gate crasher's and the-i-belong folks who all just wanted to have a time out with the shato master.

It was fun...but then you know the fun never stops on a friday night? Pitch Bar(behind Zenith Bank Head Office) was another place that always, and i mean always holds its own...if you have not been there, you gotta check it out!

Finally my people...its CALANTE!
This place always rock...i dare say that its a place where you see all the the 'gbo-gbo' bigz boyz and girlz that matter's.
Its always a fun spot that anytime i have to do the friday Island thing, i don't ever wanna miss. ITS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! abig fun of the Big Brother Reality Show and i need not ask how many of y'all love the show...its like asking who is the ugliest president Nigeria has ever had right?...ok...incase you did'nt know who won that award it....yeah right! are waiting to hear it abi? ameboooo! be my mouth you go hear am...before i will receive unawanted army officers in my abode the next morning...

...In less tha 24hour's, the show will be launched and am earnestly looking forwward to it.

Am wondering who will be making Nigeria proud...well...not to worry, i will bring you folks all the gists later...for now..One thing i know is ....
With just few hour's to go before the launch of Big Brother Africa: The Revolution, speculation is rife about where the new housemates could be flying in from.

Fans from all over the African continent will be glued to their DStv screens to finally meet the characters who are going to keep them entertained for the next 91 days.

In true Big Brother style, this year’s promises to be a rollercoaster ride that will keep viewers guessing until the winning housemate walks away with the prize.

The New Presenter
IK - pic 2

This Big Brother Africa introduces a new presenter: the spectacular Nigerian television star, IK who is ready and on stand-by for the Live Launch Show on Sunday. Find out more about IK and what he had to say about being at the helm of the BBA Revolution.

The Revamped House
A new presenter is not the only element of the Revolution. The BBA House has been transformed into a fabulous pad that blends functionality with luxury, ready for the housemates to finally move in and turn it into a home. Check out some pictures of the house here.

Where is your remote control?
The Live Launch Show will be aired at 17:00 Central African Time on Sunday, the 6th of September 2009.
Viewers can watch Big Brother Africa 24 hours a day on DStv channel 198. The daily show, live nominations and eviction shows will be broadcast on M-Net Africa (DStv channel 102). Africa Magic (DStv channel 107) will broadcast all repeats.

Beyond Television
The Revolution would not be complete if it didn’t extend to the massive Big Brother online platform. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting developments on the BBA website.

Fans, old and new, get ready because Big Brother: The Revolution is about to come alive!

David Tlale to Show His Designs at New York Fashion Week

David Tlale, winner of the Arise Africa Fashion Week Designer award, will be showcasing his designs at the New York Fashion Week in September 2009. Tlale’s designs have been lauded in South Africa and he is considered one of the premier fashion designers in South Africa and internationally.

David Tlale

David Tlale

The New York Fashion week will give Tlale a great boost and help expose his fashion sense to a much wider, more particular audience. In his show which will be titled “Cultural Intimacy”, Tlale will be highlighting ‘Africouture’ at its best – Swazi and Ndebele geometric patterns, ostrich eggshell jewellery, traditional beading, and Kudu horn all swathed in natural and skin-toned colors.

Tlale will be shocasing his designs in a category entitled Arise: African Promise Collective, which will feature Nigerian designers Tiffany Amber and Lisa Folawiyo, and Madagascar’s Eric Raisina. His clothing line will be featured on the night of September 11th. To see more of Tlale’s designs, visit his website.

Ok, see you peeps later!


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