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Naija...i love this country with a 'no be small'. I wonder sometimes if truly, there are people out there who genuinely love this nation like i do; i sit back and wonder if it's possible that we will get it right in this our generation or we probably would leave behind eventually a generation that is not only corrupt, wasted and empty for the next...

Few year's ago, we all woke up to the new's of one of the nation's largest sea vessels (MV AFRICAN PRIDE) gone...missing. I wondered how a whole ship could just disappear without trace. The matter was tossed here and there and eventually forgotten.

Here we are again, confronted with another sea vessel brouhaha...with mysteries that am certain might  not be resolved but rather, shoved under the carpet...

Personally, when i first saw the Sunborn Yacht, i thought ok, finally, we are beginning to wake up to the realities of discovering more tourism tools...i was happy but i guess the excitement of me believe that we are finally getting it right had totally robbed me off from the fact that in Nigeria, the more you look the less you see...And finally, the curtain came down and we all saw the holes...But, May be one or two of you might have answer's...
...Who is the owner of the controversial Sunborn Yacht Hotel, on the Lagos waters by the Marina? Does it belong to the Lagos State government? Does it belong to former Governor, Bola Tinubu? Or does it belong to Diamond Capital, a subsidiary of Diamond Bank? OR...Sen. Afikuyomi?

These are questions that members of the Lagos State House of Assembly are desperate to find answers to. This is because the Commissioner for Tourism and Inter-Governmental Affairs, Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi denies that it belongs to the state or the former governor, but to a private investor he could not specifically name.

But, the investor who is said to have facilitated the loan through which the luxurious floating hotel was purchased, Multipurpose Infrastructural Development Company Ltd (MIDC), are now saying that though they facilitated the purchase of the Yacht, the documents of purchase are not in their possession, but with Diamond Capital through whom they facilitated the loan from Diamond Bank to make the purchase.

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The 105 luxury suites floating hotel, acquired in February this year at a cost of 25 million euros was first taken to Brazil from London for a complete overhaul. Built in 1999 and refitted in the 2002.

The Sunborn Yacht Hotel, now renamed the Lagos Yacht Hotel, is a luxurious boat hotel by all standard. It is a hotel meant for kings and the wealthy. Among its numerous facilities are suites and executive bedrooms with many having balconies overlooking the Lagos water. It also has elegant lounges on various decks as well as first class restaurants and bars. The hotel is fitted with such facilities as two exquisite royal suites with private sauna, separate bedroom and a living room, as well as terrace balcony overlooking the water in 58 rooms. It also has a central air-conditioning system for all the rooms and public places, a fully equipped fifth deck restaurant with kitchen and cocktail bar for 100 people. In addition, it has a yacht club lobby bar for about 70 people, another upper deck banquet hall capable of seating over 200 people, and two inter-connected conference rooms, amongst other features.

The floating hotel boasts of a solid waste treatment and a sewage plant while water supply would be through the public mains.
So...who own's the Sunborn Yacht?

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