Monday, August 31, 2009

IK Osakioduwa hosts Big Brother Africa Revolution!

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With the series shrouded in mystery, speculation has grown as eager fans across the continent try to uncover the identity of the show’s housemates, and find out anything they can about the new season of the super series, ‘Big Brother Africa’.

Now with the series just days away from launch, M-Net has begun to release information on its newest and boldest reality TV innovation yet and the good news is that THE REVOLUTION is definitely on.

In line with the fresh new take on Big Brother, there’s a new face at the helm of the series. M-Net has now officially confirmed the name of the series host and joining the Big Brother team is talented, well-spoken and charming Nigerian television star, IK Osakioduwa who’s already well-known to audiences across the continent.

An Economics graduate from the University of Lagos who began his broadcast career as ‘Wild Child’ on Nigerian radio station, Rhythm FM 93.7, the dynamic IK soon moved into television. A presenter on M-Net’s flagship Afro-chic lifestyle program, Studio 53, he has also helmed two other M-Net productions – the Nigerian game show ‘Temptation Nigeria‘ and the stand-out stand-up series ‘Comedy Club: Live in Lagos‘.

Now he’s taking on his biggest challenge yet and he’s excited about the role, revealing that he’s a huge Big Brother fan.

“I’m not sure what it is about the show but it’s almost addictive. I hate to confess it but I remember days when I stayed up watching people in the house sleep.”

He goes on to encourage audiences to share his passion for the series saying, “I’ve been speaking with some people involved with the production and I think it’s safe to say that a lot of thought has been put into improving everything that has been done before. We see a reflection of that in the increased prize money. I also think there will probably even be more drama in this edition too because the stakes are higher. Not to mention that there are more countries.”

And, given that outside of Big Brother IK will be the housemate’s only link to the outside world, he has this advice for them.

“There will be people watching critically from countries all over Africa. I think being fake would work against you. Keep it real and hope for the best. Also as much as we are all watching you, try to have some fun with it!”


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